Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Party

Over the past few weeks, I've been posting about the Star Wars Birthday Party my son had.  Here is the complete listing of what went on at the party.

For invitations, I scanned in a picture he drew one day he was bored at school, I added some text, this was all done in Power Point- I couldn't post the actual invitation because it's not jpg, it's ppt, so this is the picture I used, then I wrote on it "7 years ago in a galaxy far far away, a young jedi was born".  It was in Star Wars font, which I downloaded for free here.
In case you were wondering, here's what the inside said:  Young friend, join me in an effort to strengthen my jedi force.  The rebels are growing stronger and we must be prepared.  You have been chosen to complete jedi training.  If you accept this challenge join me at:

You can view this post for the masks we wore.

You can view this post for the party favors.

I bought a set of king sized tan sheets from Target for 24.99 and cut them up into Jedi Robes.  Since jersey doesn't fray, I was able to do these without any sewing.  I have seen ideas here and here for the robes with hoods, but I couldn't do that for 18 kids, plus it would have been more expensive just to buy the fabric.  All I did was cut rectangular lengths, folded them in half, and then cut a neckhole out of the fold.  The kids put them over their heads and they stayed on, we didn't even use rope around their waists.
For games, I made each kid a "Jedi Training" punch card.  Each time, they completed a game, they got a punch on the side, and if they got them all, they earned cake.
The games:  I found useful information here and here.
1) Pin the saber on the character.  We used rectangular shaped file labels and the kids had to place it closest to the hand on one of the characters.  Instead of drawing a picture for this game like I would normally do, I found a cheap Star Wars poster on, I bought it because I knew my son would want to hang it in his room after the party.  The stickers came right off too.
2) Obstacle course.  My awesome friend came over and helped me set up a fun obstacle course in the basement.  Since I was the only adult supervising the obstacle course, there are no photos.  We utilized some plastic cones, pool noodles, a low table to crawl under, a pogo stick, a chair to run circles around, and carpet circles to jump across.  The kids had a lot of fun with this!

3) Light saber ball dodge. I'm not sure what to call this game, but my son was pretty adamant to have it.  You have to use your light saber to repel balls being thrown at you.  It is in a Star Wars movie.  We used my son's light sabers and my husband threw five wiffle balls at them.
4) Dunk Darth Vader in the trash.  We used a small Darth Vader stuffed animal my son got for Christmas, and the kids had three chances to stand behind a line and throw him into the trash.

5) Defeat Darth Vader.  My husband put my son's Darth Vader mask on from Halloween and came downstairs- he put on this Jedi Badge I found on the internet and printed on cardstock.  The kids were told he stole it and was trying to learn their secrets.  In order to defeat him, they had to touch the badge with their pool noodle.  This was the biggest hit of all the games, but my poor husband really did end up bleeding, the kids took the game a little too seriously!

 This kid wasn't messing around, he broke out his real light saber and put on his real Yoda robe:
6) Cross the lava pit.  We never got to this one and I'm sad because I was excited about it.  I bought a red plastic table cloth and we had some leftover masks and the kids were supposed to leap across the tablecloth only touching the masks, while the others were throwing wiffle balls at them.  There was an important battle between Obi Wan and Anakin over a lava pit.  My son was sad we didn't play this, but hey, there's always spring break!

7) Punch Darth Vader's lights out.  I got a mylar Darth vader balloon, and holding your foot on the string, with one punch, try to get the balloon to go all the way down and touch the ground.

For food, I made labels in photoshop.  The fighter ties were gobbled up so fast, I couldn't photograph them.  I got the idea from the Star Wars Cookbook.  It's basically pigs in a blanket.  The biggest hit of all the food was the Yoda Soda.  It was just green Hawaiian Punch and Sprite mixed together, the kids LOVED it!

For the cake, I started off great with the shape of Yoda's face, but in the end, I didn't spend too much time on the detail of his face, but no one seemed to mind (part shrek/part yoda ;).  I also made the awesome cake push pops, I'll post about them next week.

For serveware, I went with plain colors.  For the Yoda Soda, I got clear cups (super cheap), so you could see the green, and we cut out pictures of yoda and taped them onto plain straws.  For the Vader Taters, we bought black cups and taped his picture on the front of the cups.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the paper goods, since I knew they'd be thrown away.
I found the Yoda and Darth Vader images by googling Yoda images and Darth Vader images, I right clicked, saved the image on my computer, and then pasted it into a power point a bunch of times, after I resized it.  I also found these mini printables that we used for the straws.

I hope you find this helpful if you ever want to have a Star Wars party.  For what started off as something I was afraid I knew nothing about, I ended up finding so much awesome stuff and in the end had too many things!  May the force be with you with your party planning!

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