Sunday, September 23, 2012

Little Tap Dancer

Is it too early for Halloween?   The weather got cooler here this week, I'm getting in the fall spirit, so I dressed the baby in her big sister's old Halloween dress.

I've been getting together with a friend of mine discussing all things photography.  We are planning a lot of cool things.  In planning, it occurred to me that I have been so busy lately with my life, that I haven't stopped to take many pictures of my own kids.  They are growing and changing everyday- that makes me sad.

I got a new lens for my camera- I need to use it a lot.  I've been taking my camera everywhere.  It happened to be upstairs and I happened to hear a loud clanging noise.  I looked out to see this:
I got a little closer-found out what was making that sound
What a total little girl
I helped her put them on- she thought it was odd,

Until she walked and heard the clicks or was it that witch hat I put on her head?
In case you didn't know, Maeve has a favorite stuffed animal
We called it "horsie", until we realized all she could say was "Nannie",
It's true love
It doesn't have to be Halloween to dress your kids up or to take their picture.


  1. LOVE! especially love the candid shot

  2. Those shots are so nice. She is beautiful. Devon