Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It was raining again yesterday, in fact so badly that Addison's school got cancelled. The kids were very energetic, and we had been house bound for several days, so I decided to take them bowling (normally that's what Dave does with them on the weekends to give me some free time).

When we moved here, we weren't sure whether or not we'd be able to find a bowling alley, until one day, we saw this:

Yes, you may have even seen this in the Katamari video game. It does exist and they're everywhere standing proud over all the bowling alleys of Japan, our kids love screaming out loud when they see them from afar.

Our bowling alley is called Grandbowl and check it out, it even has a Grandslot outside:

When you walk in, you have to fill out a form (it is of course all in Japanese), with your names and what age category you are in- for pricing. I always write their names in katakana (Japanese) and English. You hand in the form, and they type your names in for you so they show up on the screen above your assigned lane. Here's how well they read my writing- guess who's was the best:

It's neat, you even get a reading of how fast you rolled your ball, sometimes in Km/hour, sometimes in mph.

Here is where the adults get the shoes, this might be THE highlight of the bowling alley, I love that this place actually has a name. Today, we didn't get to use it because only the kids bowled.

Here the kids are in action.

Look at this, why don't they have these in the US, to help the little ones bowl a good game?

Check it out, they have the weirdest videos playing the whole time your bowling, some very seedy, and of course loud rock music to go along with it. I only got the shot of this weirdo that appeared on the screen (MJ wanna be??):

And check this out, this is pretty funny, this booth was right between the Shoester and the bowling gear for sale- a nail salon! Seriously, the ladies can get their nails done with some bling if they have one break while bowling.

Look at these happy little fellas in the drink machine, they'll put a smile on any bowler's face:

After bowling my kids disappeared, and look where I found the two littlest ones, I guess they start them early here, watch out Foxwoods!:

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