Monday, May 31, 2010

Idea for Father's Day

I was trying to think of something fun and unique for Father's Day this year. This is one thing I came up with. Along the same lines, we used 8 of these photos to make a set of stationary that says "From the desk of David" in the center. We also made a card from each kid with their four photos on it and a 16 x 20 wall sized poster. Yes, we went a little crazy, but I know they'll love it just as much as him. If you remember my post earlier when we made masks of the kids, they have been asking me to make more of everyone we know. It was funny to see how quickly they each chose a shirt of his that was their favorite to wear in the shot. Addison was quick to shout out his description, he didn't even have to walk in the closet. I hope this inspires someone else to do something fun for a dad in their life and I hope that my husband does not read this before Father's Day (but I guess it'd be okay since his gift won't be here before we leave for our trip, so he will be opening it without us this year :(

Click here to view this photo book larger


  1. I love these pictures! It's amazing how much the kids look like Dave!

  2. Liz I love this idea! Can u send me the link to what you ordered? Brianne