Sunday, May 16, 2010

Owl apparel April (#6)

Here it is, I finally finished the dress for April. This is a pattern called Feliz by Studio Tantrum or Farbenmix. It's a European pattern, it was the hardest pattern I've worked with. The pattern pieces did not include a seam allowance, so I had to trace them out first and include the seam allowance, and the sizes were in European sizes, I ended up making it one size too big, so she tried it on for the photos, but she won't be wearing it until next year. I got nervous when I looked at the directions, because they weren't very clear at all. I typed in google for a tutorial for Feliz, and I found an AWESOME one. This lady did a 5 part tutorial with photos of the whole process. I followed it, and it made the dress so easy to make. Here is the website, Trillium Designs, with the tutorial that I followed, this link takes you to the first part, where she goes over how much fabric you need, and if you look on the left side bar, you can see the other four parts of her sew along- it was a life saver, I don't think I could have made the dress without it.

The front:

The back:

Check out the spin you get, see those little owls peeping out the back:

I LOVE this dress and can't wait to make more (in the right size).

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