Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cardboard "Cupid's cottage" playhouse

This has been in the works for three months!!!!!!! First, it was an idea to be a GIANT walkin ginerbread house. We got the paint in December, but finally did the painting in January, which made us decide to make it a Cupid's Cottage instead. Three weeks later, I finally got up the courage to assemble it myself, my husband's the engineer, not me. Since we are talking about measuring with school, Nathaniel was more than willing to use the tape measure, ruler, and try out the level (okay that was after I cut out the windows and installed the second floor- with the kids jumping on me, and putting the house to the test before it was done, I had to move quickly).

Here we are before the roof:


Painting decorations:


Wallpapered- we used scrapbook paper, what's the point of it collecting dust waiting to be put into a scrapbook I don't have time for? I love the ABC border, it's like a classroom.

Playing in the pool:

Do you like the cupid windsock on top? I told the kids this would be for the webkinz, but it seems much more sized and built for the anpanman stuffeds we have, don't you agree?

They've got mail. The kids have been making valentine's for each other all week, I knew they'd love this mailbox, thank you dollar bin at Target!

Enjoying a nice time by the fire:

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