Thursday, February 11, 2010

We HEART heart shaped food

Last night's dinner and can I say my ingenious idea to add Hersey's cinnamon chips to these delights was soooo good. And, if anyone loves me and ever wants to get me a gift, get me some more cinnamon chips before they aren't in stores anymore, mine are almost gone :( What can't you do with a bag of cinnamon chips?

Tonight's dinner and some for the freezer for next week ;) Best chicken pot pie recipe ever! It makes enough for about three meals for our family, can't beat that! I tried my new tart maker from William sonoma tonight (haven't used the star yet)- at first I was skeptical because it didn't hold much pie, but the serving was just right for the kids and they held their own in the oven. If you like to make your food fun, you can get them here.

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