Thursday, February 11, 2010

We HEART cupcakes!

It's my neighbor's 40th birthday today and I volunteered to make the cake for her surprise party (secretly because I wanted to make these) cupcakes I found on bakerella. I was thinking maybe of making them for A's bday next week and I figured what better way to try and see if they're good first. I made dad's homemade chocolate cake recipe, had Dave crush it up in our food processor, mixed in a can of betty crocker vanilla icing (not cream cheese), and rolled into balls and let sit in fridge overnight.

Here's my lame attempt at making the "cupcake" shape. I didn't have a small enough flower shaped cookie cutter to do the shape on the bottom, I was going to use an apple and it was messy and time consuming. Secretly, I was thinking of doing a heart shaped bottom, so close to vday and all, but my smallest heart was too big ;)
This was messy.

Here is the first chocolate dipping, I was going to skip this step, but glad I didn't, I think it helps them stay on the stick better. By the way, I used skewers, they were too long for the weight of the cake on top, next time, I will be sure to have lollipop sticks around.

Finished finally, this was time consuming, but so cute, I tried two and sooo good. I think if you have two people working, it would go a LOT quicker (one for dipping in chocolate, one for decorating)- oh and I didn't think about what to put them in to let the chocolate dry so they wouldn't stick, next time I think I'd have a big piece of styrofoam to stick them in.

Bet you wish you could have one!

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