Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Groundhog's Day!

I saw this idea on and I just had to try it. It surely was no coincidence that I was given a box of Thin Mints for Christmas from my husband and kids. Here we are in the beginning phases, I wasn't going to do the shadows on the saucers, but the 10 chips I melted proved to be more than enough for what I needed.

And here's what they looked like after setting in the fridge. I am just disappointed that my eyes don't really "look down". (Oh well, at least I actually had the eyes).

The kids are going to be so excited in the morning. I wonder if he'll see his shadow.


  1. his shadow looks like Mickey Mouse (sorry, I have a one track mind). These are super cute!!!

  2. don't know if they report on it in Japan...Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow!! 6 more weeks of winter. It's snowing today as a matter of fact. I love the blog Liz. xo