Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Superhero Birthday Party

For Addison's fifth birthday, it wasn't very hard to choose a superhero theme. At first, it was going to be a mesh of all different superheros, but luckily Owen was obsessed with the superman theme song when he was 1, so his second birthday was superman and there were lots of decorations to reuse.

For a cake, I went with batman. I was nervous to do the logo on the top, but I had already downloaded a logo for a cape I'm making later. I printed it out, cut out the oval, traced it on the chocolate frosted cake with yellow colored icing. Then, I cut out the bat and stuck it in the middle of the oval outline and filled in the area between the outline and the bat with yellow, and voila, a batman lover's dream cake!

Check out the inside. Next time I'll have to use white cake so the red looks red and not orange. I used my Pampered chef checkerboard cake pan inserts.

For the party decorations, I used all the superhero cards my kids have ever received. I am too sentimental to throw away their cards yet.

Originally I was going to let the guests each decorate their own capes, but being so proud of the ones I made for my kids, I thought if I took an extra hour to sew the kids' initials on, they'd be a LOT nicer and be more apt to be used again after the party. Boy, was I right, I've seen a few flying around the neighborhood this week already.

I got party boxes from birthday express. They reminded me of wonderwoman and since there were mostly girls coming, I thought they'd be nice.

To help with the games, I printed out a superhero score sheet for each kid. They had to get a sticker after participating in each game to pass the superhero test. My kids are still giving themselves stickers when they think they pass a test. We are going to present these to the kids with a pass circled with the Thank you cards.

For the reflex challenge, we played pass the kryptonite to the batman theme song. The "kryptonite" was a rubber ball that had a green glow stick in it, thank you 100 yen store!

For the strength, we had two challenges (which made us end up deciding to eliminate the xray vision - a search for green lanterns ring for lack of time). The first was to put on the incredible hulk gloves and punch the anpanman punching bag down all the way to the ground.

The second strength was to lift a heavy basket of toy cars up to your nose.

For the superhuman senses, we played Ned's Head, you had to put your hand in, grab an object and tell us what it was before you pulled it out.

For bodymorphing, we used a broom across two chairs and kept lowering it to make a smaller space for them to fit through. Here is it at its lowest (except when Dave put it on the floor and said this is the extreme challenge- ha ha). And yes, Owen insisted on wearing this monster costume because he wore it for Halloween the year everyone else dressed up like superheros.

For accuracy, we painted a target and hung it outside our glass sliding door, we let the kids use a nerf suction pellet gun to aim at the target. I taped a batman, superman, flash, and green lantern on the target for bonus points. Each kid has 6 pellets to try. This was a hit- no pun intended. (Sorry this was taken tonight, a few days later, no one took pics of the target practice. Luckily the kids are having so much fun with this the target is still hanging.)

Finally, for speed, we had a running race of course.

At the end, we had painted a big piece of cardboard white and taped some superhero logos onto it and had the kids choose a mask and stand in front of it for their superhero id (also for their thank you card).

Here are my superheros:


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