Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We HEART Books!

At our house, we just LOVE books!! I came up with the idea for our valentine's card to punch out Heart shapes from our old book order forms. Those things alone keep the kids busy for hours, looking at all the colorful book covers. The kids LOVED the hearts from the book order and didn't want to give them away. At first all the cards they made were for each other (all 30)!!! Looking at the hearts, has kept them busy for HOURS!

Using a heart punch, I cut these out, there are many more!!!

I cut these out with scissors, so colorful and fun.

Hard at work assembling:

Using a paint brush to put on glue freed me from having to be the main gluer, now everyone can do it "neatly".

Which one will show up in your mailbox:

PS- yours will be late since they're not in the mail yet, but they'll be worth the wait.

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