Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When you are proud of someone

you should tell them! Every year on Addison's birthday, I am reminded of how I am proud of my mom for quitting smoking. I hated the smell of the smoke as a kid and used to ask if any of us got cancer would she quit, and she said she thought she couldn't. Then, along came Addison, and my mom knew that the lingering smell of smoke on her clothes, transferred to the baby while she was holding him, so by the time Addison arrived (the second grandchild), she willed up the strength to quit. This in turn helped my dad to quit. I would like to say that I am proud of both of them for quitting. Thank you for giving yourself health so you can be around to see the kids grow and for giving them a bit more fresh air on this earth.

Here is the inspiration for quitting. Who would want to see his lungs filled with smoke?

Here he is today, look how he's grown, five years go by so quickly. Tell people you are proud when you think of it, time goes quickly.

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